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Plans   Illustrations
ProjectInitial_Plan-Festivals.doc (40.0KB) Festivals we enjoy1.ppt (553KB)

FestivalsWeEnjoy.wmv (22.3MB)
ProjectInitial_Plan gp3.doc (36.0KB) What_food_and_drinks_do_you_want_to_have.ppt (587KB)
Group 5 - Fruits.doc (32.0KB) Group5 - P2 Shopping.ppt (75.5KB)
Using IT in Project Work.doc (36.0KB) fruit.ppt (338KB)
grouping.ppt (31.0KB)
intro.ppt (118KB)
MMLC Sharing scheme of work.doc (27.0KB)
MMLC-Presentation.doc (19.5KB)
Task One.doc (22.0KB)
Task Two.doc (23.0KB)
motivation.ppt (325KB)
Task One-web.doc (29.5KB)
Task Two-web.doc (34.5KB)

Ben Ben Supermarket Homepage

picnic.mpg (7.88MB)
Lesson plan.doc (40.5KB) Using IT in Project Work - Lesson Plan.ppt (173KB)
Initial Plan-festival.doc (32.5KB) A new festival.ppt (261KB)
fok and cheung.doc (28.5KB) food.ppt (13.5KB)
kcoba.doc (24.5KB) kcoba.ppt (995KB)
Vince_P5_Chapter_6.doc (21.0KB) Vince_Old Hong Kong.ppt (433KB)
animal_cc.doc (30.5KB) animal_cc.ppt (2.60MB)
Initial Plan-animals.doc (29.0KB)
Initial Plan-P1animals.doc (27.5KB)
P1-animals.ppt (374KB)
festivals-project plan.doc (35.5KB) festivals - project plan.ppt (73.0KB)
Initial plan---food cym & cyc.doc (29.0KB) p4project-foodcym & cyc.ppt (106KB)
Group HLL.doc (42.5KB) Group HLLppt.ppt (2.05MB)
HKfestivals.doc (41.0KB) HK Festivals.ppt (1.01MB)
LeungYeeMui_Initial Plan-famous place.doc (38.0KB) LeungYeeMui Using IT in Eng.Project-based learning.ppt (4.61MB)
WongAnnieChungYanProjectInitial_Plan.doc (28.0KB) WongAnnieChungYanWhat am I.ppt (205KB)

Other Plans and Illustrations
animals.doc (34.0KB)
ProjectInitial_Plan1.doc (33.5KB)
Initial_Plan.doc (39.0KB)
20040226 Group 2.rtf (43.1KB)
animal.ppt (13.0KB)
Festivals - janette.doc (28.0KB)
ProjectInitial_Plan.doc (33.0KB)
12 chinese zodiac ProjectInitial_Plan.doc (35.5KB)
animal riddles.doc (32.5KB)
Leung, Lam and Chan project.doc (33.5KB)
Man and Lee.doc (31.0KB)